Hands Free Dog Walking & Running Waist Belt

Go running or strolling with your pet with this Hands Free Dog Walking & Running Waist Belt featuring a hands free leash system that is designed for active people and active dogs. It is perfect for jogging; hiking and even puppy training. The leash is secured around your waist; leaving your hands completely free for whatever you need. Easy-to-use; strong nylon; fully adjustable belt and leash is durable yet comfortable. Leash hook is rotatable and leash connects to belt with a buckle that is easy to wear and remove. There is a quick release mechanism on belt so leash can be released immediately in case of emergency. Leash can be converted to a traditional hand-held leash. Traction leash is approximately 30”-55” long; leash connect is 6.2” long and waist belt fits waists 23”-39”. One size fits all. Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged to a hanging panel.

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